This site plan was for a 100 unit upscale apartment development near Flathead Lake and Glacier National park in western Montana. Presented to the county and design review boards to illustrate the scale and density proposed buildout with respect to zoning and adjacent properties.

The Perspective ‘eye level’ sketch (right) view of a portion of a larger, multi building apartment development . The intent was to convey the character, scale, materials and color proposed for marketing, developer review and approval by the county design review board.

The Elevation renderings (below) are of two perpendicular street views of apartment buildings proposed for development.

The Early elevation studies (bottom renderings) of a single building within a multi building apartment development near Flathead Lake, Montana. The architect often utilizes such loose drawings in order to capture the developers intend and encourage discussion and approval from the stakeholders as a design is developed and before final decisions are made.

These presentation boards were presented to the developer, adjacent property owners and the county design review board.